Christmas Island Stories is an incorporated association made up of Christmas Island locals and people who have a close connection to the Island, with the purpose of recording, sharing and conserving the authentic stories of the people of Christmas Island.

The stories that we have captured on this site aim to communicate the unique nature of the Christmas Island community, the role we have played in the Island’s development and our impact on Australia and the South-East Asia region.

There is nowhere else in Australia where Malay, Chinese, Australian and European people live together and celebrate each other’s cultures in harmony.

This site builds upon the work of the Christmas Island Archives, with our stories reflecting the experiences of past and present Christmas Islanders, as well as the role our unique natural environment and local industries have played in our lives.

We hope this publicly available collection will help grow the Australian community’s understanding of the Christmas Island story – our past, present and our hopes for a prosperous and harmonious future.  We hope our stories help keep the spirit of the Christmas Island community alive for current and future generations.

If you would like to become a member of CI Stories, please fill out an application form here.